How To Find A WordPress Theme Best For Your Site?

As independent media business growing rapidly today, more and more internet users have begun to step out of traditional bulk media and started their own personal blogs. Some of those blogs have a significant followers and profit would be asured. It is the reason why CMS like WordPress are so much welcomed nowadays. It is estimated that websites built with WordPress templates are reaching over 1 million, and growing by hundreds per day.


It is well known that WordPress allows customizations to your site. But for now the speed of WordPress themes development are clearly no match for that of WordPress sites being built, therefore you are guaranteed to see a lot of similar WordPress blog structures. As for SEO, that is not a good sign. Usually sites with similar structures or headlines are under Google’s careful watch.

So, how do we get a WordPress theme and customize it so it won’t look so identical?

For one, a theme should best fit for your purpose.

WordPress theme have a lot different styles. Mainly they can be categorized in personal use or for business site, that is to say if you are building a website for profiting, you may consider using a one-page designed theme.The customization feature should include CSS style, for those who are not so into coding, it’s okay, customization is not always about coding, just make sure you have enough shortcodes and options so you can change the apperance the way you like.



Secondly, a good WordPress theme should have enough visual customization options.

An appealing cover of your blog would no doubt standout for your readers. and a good WordPress theme should give you a number of choices so you can design your blog to best demonstration. These should at least include font, color, shortcodes, parallel design, background changes and header designs. A good blog is best known for its content, and with enough shortcodes, you could design your blog with better visual effect.

Thirdly, SEO should not be oversighted.

You may not care about keywords or rankings and stuff, but face it, a good WordPress should at least be search engine friendly. A simple structure design, some shortened codes, and a ALT for every picture plus a website map can really help you generate traffic.



To sum it up, a good WordPress theme should best suit for your purposes, whether business use or personal blogging. Then it should have an appealing visual effect customization, lastly, you better find a theme that is not too code tangled and search engine unfriendly. For as many WordPress theme users outthere, hope this article will help yours stand out.


Three Tips To Keep Your WordPress Site Safe

According to the latest news, in 2014 we may see the highest amount of Internet virus increase in record history, it would seem that our Internet security is not as strong as we hoped, especially now that self-media has taken up a big chunk of Internet media, many of which are without a professional security methods, these self-media, such as personal blogs, private sites, small business retailing sites, are main targets of attacks.

It is especially so for WordPress. As the biggest blogging platform, WordPress has the major target for hackers. It is most vital that users from WordPress to increase their level of security.

Anti-hack tip 1:

Anti-virus softwares and firewalls, and make sure you keep them updated as well. With the current WordPress, you do not get a free pre-installed anti-virus plugins, so it’s up to you to get one. Say what you will about these softwares, they work, even the free ones.

Anti-hack tip 2:

Save those hacked web pages on to your computer, but no on C drive. This is to upload them to anti-virus websites or forums, you might have a chance to save them, if not, at least you contributed to the anti-virus database. You can save the suspicious pages onto your drive by simply clicking ” save as”. Again, don’t save this on your C drive.

Anti-hack tip 3:

Download the lastest WordPress and delete any unnecessary files on the server. Since WordPress and database are separated, so you don’t need to worry about your datas. This could be a effective sandbox method, and for every WordPress user, be sure to routinely backup your database, you can apply some softwares or plugins in this regard. Although be sure that you keep these following files, stats file folder, wp-content folders and htaccess file and wp-config.php and such.

In summary, the current problem of WordPress hacking mainly can be prevented with enough security measures. Hope these little tips can help you more or less to keep your website a bit safer.

Choosing The Right Host And Start Your WordPress Site

With the rise of the self-media, more and more people prefer to build their own blog site. Independent blog site has a great advantage with respect to the many free blog platforms. But for many on WordPress is not too white for understanding, build a blog platform is not an easy thing.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a MySQL database using PHP language and the development of open source for free blog building, users can create their own Blog on support PHP and MySQL database server. WordPress is a very powerful blog system, plug-ins numerous, easy to expand functionality. Installation and use are very convenient. Because of these strong role, so now WordPress has become the mainstream of the Blog build a platform.


Why should I use WordPress?

Some people must be very curious as to why there are so many free blog platform, why they have to spend money to build their own blog site? First from the content management, the independent blog sites with full autonomy, it can be completely control content on the blog. But for the other free blog platforms, their own published articles likely to be deleted platform. On the other hand, build their own platform on top of blog advertising to obtain certain benefits, this advantage is generally free blog platforms do not have.

How to choose a WordPress host?

Of course, to build a good WordPress blog site inseparable excellent hosts. WordPress host selection process should pay attention to the following questions:

A .Windows or Linux. As already mentioned, WordPress hosting is PHP and the MySQL database by jointly developed, so it is best to select a Linux host (usually asp and .NET development language for use Windows hosts, the PHP development language for the Windows host and Linux host can use, the current mainstream choice for Linux hosting).



III. Whether to provide technical support. Stands ready to provide technical support is one of the sites to guarantee efficient operations, the host there will be some problems in the use of the process, so before buying a host of businesses should understand clearly whether to provide technical support. The best choice to provide technical support to the business at any time, so as to enable efficient operation of the site are protected.

  1. IV. Whether to support a refund. For many online shopping owners, whether to support a refund and refund convenience is one of the important factors that affect customer satisfaction. Host purchase is the same, before buying whether it is best to understand clearly support the refund and the refund process and refunds time. Support the refund that the product has a certain quality assurance, do not buy can not refund the WordPress host, because it does not guarantee the quality of the host, do not help you solve problems in the course.