How to Test WordPress Site Speed

“I create a WordPress site recently, I think everything is OK, but one big problem is that the loading time is too long. It takes too long to load pages on my site. I want to know what cause this and how can I fix this problem.”—Cooper

Did you meet this problem ever? Or do you think it is just normal for a site to load slowly? It is definitely a big problem rather than being normal. In another post, I have talked about why site speed matters, so here I will not talk it anymore. So, what cause the site to load slowly? Aside the codes you developed the theme with, the site speed is mainly affected by these factors:

  1.  Hosting (shared, VPS, dedicated, etc.)
  2. Server (Whether has been correctly configured)
  3. Plugins (Whether have been correctly configured, and their performance)
  4. Images (Number, size,format, etc.)
  5. Content type ( video, text, tables, etc.)
  6. The number of CSS and Javascript files used by the theme and by plugins

To test what affect a WordPress site’s speed most, we can use some speed benchmarking service such as GTmetrix (, Pingdom Website Speed Test, Google PageSpeed Insights, WebPageTest, or YSlow. Among these services, GTmetrix is my recommendation for it is easy to use, more detailed, and accurate; though, you can also try the reset ones to test your site speed, data from different service is more persuasive.

The data GTmetrix shows indicates the factors that affect your site speed. So, you can take corresponding measures to fix those problems.

To test which plugin(s) slow down your site speed, you can disactive all plugins and then test your site speed, and then active them one by one to test the speed with the plugins.

After testing, you will find which plugins do good to your site and which affects your site speed.


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