How to Insert Table to WordPress

Sometimes, we may need to insert tables to our WordPress pages or posts. But unfortunately, it seems that WordPress does not support table as it does not have table support built in. Perhaps this is an effort to make the WordPress easy to use or perhaps the developers think that it is easy enough to turn tables to texts with HTML added.

Manually inserting a table needs you to do a lot. It is tedious, laborious and error prone. So, how to insert such common content component to our sites? Do not worry, there are many plugins can solve this problem. Here I will show you two simple ways to insert tables to WordPress.

Plugins based on shortcodes

Here, I would like to recommend one shortcodes plugin and a table plugin that based on shortcodes.

1. Shortcodes Ultimate

Many shourtcodes plugin supports inserting table. And here, Shortcodes ultimate can be your ideal choice. It supports inserting table directly as well as uploading CVS file. So, to add simple tables, this plugin is enough.

See details about this plugin here:

Easy Table

As its name indicates, this plugin provides an easy way to insert tables. It really lives up to its name but does not compromise on features or options.

Easy Table uses shortcode to generate tables, so, you can simply type your table data directly in your post while you writing.

This plugin generates table data in standard CVS format; it’s easiest way to build a table.


You type:

You get:

It is just so easy to insert tables to your pages and posts with Easy Table.

Aside from inserting such simple tables, it can also insert more complicated tables. For details, you can see:

Visual Bulder-TablePress

TablePress is the replacement for WP-Table Reloaded; its downloads are second only to the latter. This plugin input table data in a purpose-built, easy-to-follow Admin interface rather than in a post.

As a powerful table plugin, the TablePress includes a list of impressive features such as row and column spanning, searching, sorting, filtering, paging and horizontal scrolling.

The tables are added to posts and pages with a simple shortcode which makes it easy to use the tables in multiple pages and posts. Exporting and importing tables for sharing across sites are also available.

TablePress is a sophisticated plugin made for sophisticated needs, if you need complicated tables, this plugin would be your ideal choice.


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