Paul & Shark

Vega brings the famous brand John & Shark ¡§C sportswear & yachting ¡§C closer to its clients in Romania, in the boutique within Mamaia, Constanta.

Paul & Shark is a complete luxury brand, beloved by everybody who appreciates the grace of Italian designer clothing.

The Dama Utes.p.a Company, launched within the 1920s, was inspired by the sophisticated yachting world and 50 years later released the John & Shark brand, which was to become a reference brand worldwide for exclusive sportswear, exceeding the edges of the market consecrated to it, creating ski wear, polo and golfing clothing lines, but also producing articles of clothing not related to sports activities.

The John & Shark brand stands for over 90 years of prestigious history within sports design and is known today as one of the most respected men’s clothing brands. At first, the company?¡¥s market was in luxury knitwear, but in the actual mid-1970s, the company began to specialise solely in yachting clothing.

Paul & Shark sweaters are designed especially for maritime routing and their T-shirts are tailored to match the most sophisticated tastes of contemporary men. These days, Paul & Shark is a complete clothing brand, with collections for males, women and children, as well as a special accessories line Paul and Shark Online Store .

Vega Fashion Shop has been getting the newest John & Shark collections to its boutique since the summer associated with 2012, for everyone who is enthusiastic about the nature and style of Paul & Shark. The Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 Paul & Shark collection is now able to found solely in Constanta at Vega Fashion Boutique.


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