A Tiny and Clean WordPress Theme to Make Building Business Sites Easy

Cubby-Making Wonderful Websites can be Much Easier

Cubby is sepcially designed to help make a website as easy as it can get. As a free WordPress theme, Cubby provides you with some features that premium themes can do, for example the slides in the home page, the client says below the large slide, and more. The wonderful homepage design gives you the most possibility to display your featured products or service with the robust slide and Featured Images feature. It makes creating an attractive website so easy.

Adapting the latest website coding technology, this Cubby theme also applies responsive layout, which enables the sites to works well on all devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones and so on.

Key features

  • A Free and Easy-to-use WordPress theme
  • Fully Responsive design
  • Powerful Slide
  • Fantastic gallery
  • Robust sidebar
  • Various Social Icons
  • Built with HTML5+CSS3
  • Cross Browsers Support
  •  Flexibility
  • Update your own logo and favicon

Fully Responsive design

Responsive design is the trend in the web-designing. Cubby also applies the responsive layout which can make you sites look just fine in laptops as well as mobile devices, and make your business cover the mobile ends.

Powerful Slide

Slide is an important method to display featured products and service. A compelling slide can attract the customer when he or she visits the site for the first time. Cubby provides the easiest way to presents your products and service to your customer. With the robust slide built in, you are able to easily upload your product images to the slide and show to your customers.

Fantastic gallery (features slideshow)

Gallery is another way to showcase your products. In the Cubby theme, it is an auxiliary method to display your featured products in smaller images. After all, you cannot show all your products in the large slide.

Robust sidebar

To most websites, sidebar is necessary. In the sidebar, you can provide some related information; you can promote your feature products in the whole sites, and more. Cubby provides the sidebar itself, and allows you to add different widgets to the sidebar.

Various Social Icons

Social networks become more and more important to business. Bearing this in mind, Cubby provides various social icons such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, YouTube, etc. which you can add easily to your website.

Cross Browsers Support

Cubby theme works well on different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer and so on.

Upload your own logo and favicon

Logo is an icon that can represent your business; and the favicon, your website. Cubby allows you to upload your own logo and favicon to your site easily.

Complete Free WordPress theme

Bearing that providing and easy and free solution to build a website, Cubby was created by Mageewp. Cubby comes with many amazing features but it is complete free and very easy to use. You can build you websites with it in couples of hours instead of spending days considering the design, the structure or more since all is done in the Cubby.


Cubby theme is quite flexible. With it, you can customize everything to show your ideas in your own way. You are allowed to change anything you need, say, the header, the menu, logo, favicon, and so on.


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