Just Provides Another Simple but Stylish Way to Blog Online

Journal Box Theme-Good WordPress Theme for Journal

Journal Box theme is designed for blogging. The simple and clean design brings you a new blogging feel and look. With this theme, you can choose your color style easily within only one click. In addition, this theme allows you to add your profile at the bottom of the post, and the add contact info beside to your profile, which can help your visitors know you and communicate with you easily.

Key features

  • Free and easy to use
  • Easy to change color and background image
  • Author profile
  • Contact info
  • Displaying recent post with thumbnail
  • Sidebar
  • Upload logo and favicon

Easy to change color and background image

If you are critical about colors, you can get satisfied easily now. In this Journal Box theme, you are allowed to change background color with ease. You just need to choose the color you prefer in the palette. In addition, you can upload a beautiful image as the background image in your blog.

Author profile

To make a WordPress blog look more like a journal site, author profile seems very important. Your career can add credit to your blog posts and make your audience easily accept your opinions and love reading your journals. Journal Box can help your make it. With About me box at the bottom, you can add your personal information to the box to let your audience know who you are and what you are doing. By doing so, you will get more and more audience.

Contact info

Contact form is used to let your visitors communicate you directly easily. With the Contact form next to About me in every post, it is very convenient for visitors to share their ideas with you or ask you questions. It is not just cool in layout but also cool in function, isn’t it?

Displaying recent post with thumbnail

When words lack attractiveness, images may help. Journal Box theme offers you another option. Displaying recent post with thumbnail and words may get more attractiveness to your visitors. After all, more page view per visit and more stay time on your site can do good to your rank in SEO in the long run.


Sidebar is an are a where you can add kinds of widgets, such as Recent posts, image widgets, text widgets. You can choose any content to add there. Sidebar is an important method to make the blog more stylish and compelling. Journal Box theme for WordPress gives you all these options to create your journal site.

Upload logo and favicon

Logo seems unnecessary to journalists, however, exception exists. Journal Box provides the option to the few. They can choose to upload their logo or not. Meanwhile, the journalists can upload their favicon for their site.

Free and easy to use

Aimed to provide simple and clean blogging style, Journal Box was designed. This theme for WordPress is totally free and very easily to use. Though it is free, most goodies you have seen in other themes are never given up. The friendly theme options UI in the dashboard makes it very easy to create your personal journal blog.


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