Themetify-The Fast Way to Create Awesome Business Websites

As a premium theme for WordPress, Themetify gives you the power to change your WordPress site to an online store with ease. You may notice that most profitable online store offers great shopping experience when you land the site. If you are a WordPress user, it is not a dream to build such a site. With the Themetify theme, you can make it.

Themetify is well-designed and –coded theme for business. It allows you to customize almost everything according to your preference. Header, footer, colors, fonts, sliders, and more, all are in your control. In addition, the powerful shortcodes provided by this theme provides great convenience to create beautiful and complex layouts.

Key features

  • Fully responsive design
  • Customizable header and footer
  • Powerful shortcode
  • Revolution slider
  • Gallery
  • Hundreds of fonts
  • Multiple Color Schemes
  • Built with HTML5/CSS3
  • Change background color and image
  • Other basic features

Fully responsive design

Being responsive is very important now as there are more and more mobile devices. To make business stretch to mobile ends, the business sites should be responsive. Themetify is such a theme that can make your WordPress site responsive. Your website looks just fine in the mobile devices as in the laptops.

Customizable header and footer

When you build your WordPress site, you may need to custom the header and footer. Themetify allows you to do so. You can change all the texts in the header and footer including the fonts, color, and style (Normal, Italic and Oblique). In addition, you are allowed to add footer code which will be useful when you need to add Google tracing code.

Powerful shortcodes

Shortcodes are very helpful when you create content. With the help of shortcodes in the Themetufy, you are able to insert column, buttons, price tables, progress bars, timeline, portfolio, and more anywhere you need. Creating professional-look layout can never be easier with shortcodes.

Revolution slider

Beautiful sliders can impress your visitors the second they land your WordPress site. Themetify can help you make use of them to the full. This theme provides full-width sliders so that you can upload your sliders to show off your products or service.


Below the sliders, gallery areas are provided. To showcase more products, Themetify provides gallery feature. You can also display your featured products in this area.

Hundreds of fonts

Hundreds of fonts are available in Themetify, in which, there should be one suit your style. Furthermore, you can set colors for all the texts. Various colors are available.

Multiple Color Schemes

Changing color for texts is just one feature in this WordPress theme, you can change color for almost everything in the theme, say, the header, the footer, global background, body background, link color, and so on. The color picker is on your hand anytime anywhere.

Other basic features

You are allowed to upload logo and fivacon to your WordPress site with the Themetify theme, upload background image, and so on.


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