How to Display Pages’ Author And Categories Like the Posts Do

For different reasons, many people like their pages show categories just like the posts do; meanwhile, they would also want to add tags to the pages; to be concise, they want the pages act like posts.

So, how to do that?

In this weekend WordPress tip, I will show you how.

How to Show Categories and Tags on Page Editor

Lest start from how to get categories and tags to show on pages.

To make this goal, an simple plugin is needed. Here, Post Tags and Categories for Pages is a good choice. It is a free plugin, so you can search and download it in your plugin menu.

After you active this plugin, you can see the categories and tags you added to your posts appear on the page editor.

Now, you can assign your pages to categories and tags just that what you do to posts.

How to Show Dates & Categories on Pages

Once you publish a page after adding categories and tags, you may expect to see they show the categories and tags just like posts do, but you are wrong, and you will be frustrated as you may see nothing on the page.


To make pages show categories and tags on sidebar is easy, however, to make pages display categories and dates under the title like posts is another story. Different themes need to edit in different ways, and here, I will show one common way to you.

All this function is controlled by the template file in your theme. So, you need to find how your theme displays dates, categories for Posts, and do that for Pages in page.php so as to display them for Pages in the same way.

Here is what I do on Magee theme:

I copy this string of code from the Single Post (single.php):

And then paste it to Page Template(page.php) right above

<?php the_content();

Hit Update File button at bottom. Now, when I open a page; it just shows the date, author, and category as the posts do.

If you run any problem when carry out this operation, contact your theme author for help.


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