Meris’ Sticky Header

Meris update is available now! The new version 1.07 is released yesterday. The theme is now running more stable and faster. Aside such improvement, an important new feature added to this them is the sticky header. .

Meris WordPress Theme has free and pro versions; this update is applied to both the two versions. So, if you are a Meris user, you can go to our member center to download the latest version for free.

As for the sticky header, you can choose to activate the sticky header or not. In the Meris Options setting page, you can upload the sticky logo, choose to display site name or not.

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  1. Hi,
    I have downloaded v 1.07. shold I install it as another theme and switch old theme 1.03 to 1.07?
    I see “update” on my meris 1.03 but I am not sure if it will update to prof version.

    Haw should I do it?


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