Key Tips to Increase Traffic to Your WordPress Site

When you finish building your site, you should care about the traffic; but how can you rapidly increase traffic to your site? Here are some helpful tips.

1. Choose a professional blog design


Many people prefer blogs with sidebar, which are most popular blog design. You can choose one sidebar, or two sidebars. I do not recommend blog with no sidebar since this may make your content thin. In addition, sidebar is a good place to put navigation links such as categories, archive, recent posts, etc. which will increase your site’s engagement.


In your content (including the sidebar), you’d better not put too many advertisement, which may make you site annoying and distract your visitors’ attention. If your site is aimed to increase conversions and leads, your blog design should be beautiful and practical.


Images are very important to a site. Aside conveying necessary professional information, images can relax your readers and give your visitors visual enjoyment. So, you need to add some images to your content.


Your blog should be responsive to ensure the site looks find on both desktops and mobile devices. In addition, choose an easy-to-read font is also very important.

2. Make Sure Your Website is SEO Friendly

Content in your site is important, but it needs to be ranked so people can find it. So, you should make sure your site is SEO friendly so that it can be easily indexed and ranked by search engines. Thankfully, the WordPress platform is an SEO friendly solution that has built in SEO features such as custom page slugs.

Correct structure is very important for your site to rank, so, you should make sure your theme is correctly structured and do not contain any HTML or CSS errors, and make use of breadcrumb navigation links.

Meta tags (title, description, and keywords) are very important to dominate the search engine to rank your site. So, you should add such tags to your pages and posts carefully. If you are using a free template, you may not be allowed to add such tags, but after install some SEO plugins, you can. All in One SEO Pack and WordPress SEO by Yoast are two most popular SEO plugins, you may use them to optimize your WordPress site.

3. Choose Topics Wisely

Hot topics can attract many eyes, however, too many people write articles about such topics. So, the hottest topics may not suite you to blog. You can choose the topics are not that hot, which may be easy to get ranking and increase your content’s exposure.

The Keyword Planner in Google Adwords tools is a good tool to estimate the competition of the topic you choose.

4. Write High Quality Articles

“Content is King”, this was said by Bill Gates in 1996, and it remains true to date.

High quality articles are more likely to be read and shared, as a result, you site will get more engaging time and more incoming backlinks, which will help the articles rank.

The longer your visitors stay on your site, the more likely they purchase your products and services; so, pay attention to the quality of your content but not the number of the indexed pages.

As for how to write high quality content, I will not talk here as this depends on your language skills and writing level.

5. Keep Updating Your Blog

If you cannot update your blog every day, you’d better make a schedule, for example three articles per week, or two articles per week. You’d better update your blog regularly to keep your site’s rankings. Search engines love fresh content, so, you’d better update your blog regularly.

6. Promote Your Content

This is the key to get your site to be ranked. You need to do a lot of SEO works before your content can be ranked high in search results. SEO is a professional job, if you do not know it, you’d better learn it before you start blogging or it will be rather difficult for you to increase traffic to your site.


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